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this is what happens when you marathon all 291 episodes of dragon ball z

this shit is awesome, they should do more haha

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To all considered

To many of the 765 followers I have and don’t know and chances are i will hardly communicate with you this year but try mot to hold that against me.
I ask but one thing of you tonight.
Wish this girl -> (NATALIE) aka
My fiancé a happy birthday
She means the world to me and quite frankly her blog is so very much better than mine. And I still think you all got lost along the way and meant to be following her the whole time.
Please and thank you.

Natalie: to whom I love so fondly

It’s your 24th birthday and although many may see that as a not so tough feat I know what you have been through. I have seen your ups and downs over the last year and I have seen you fall to knees and rise like the phoenix. You are my love, my light, my best friend, and companion.

Love, without you I would have fallen countless times and spent so many nights lonely and lost. You have been my strength when I was lacking, my courage when I was scared and my compass when I was lost.

Over and over when i find myself awake at night I’m glad to see that I’ve awoken to your sleeping face next to mine. Your forehead nestled in my neck and your arm draped across my chest.’s the only word that I can use to describe how open are future is going to be together.

Eventually there will be times where you will get fed up with me and my tastesless jokes but when that time comes to pass I know you’ll still be there holding my hand.

Yesterday you were 23 and today when you wake you’ll open your way a year older.

One year wiser and.

Unbelievably loved by me for as long as you have me.

always yours

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Batman v. Bane : Batman of Shanghai


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The ABC’s Of Wolverine by Sean Gordon Murphy

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